Learn These Marketing Tricks to Retain Your Real Estate Clients

Rebates on Real EstateOne of the most challenging aspects of being a real estate agent is attracting and keeping clients. This highly competitive industry requires agents to be on their game day and night, working with clients all day and researching properties at night. This leaves very little time to aggressively market themselves, especially when getting new clients is the only way to successfully the customer base. By following a few of these simple real estate agent marketing tips, you can better manage those limited hours you have each day to be more productive.

The Power of Commission Rebates

Many companies are springing up that offer most or part of the real estate commission as a rebate to the buyer at closing.  The Justice Department has more information but over 40 states have approved the trend.   Paying part or all of your Real Estate clients closing costs can be a big draw for finding new and keeping repeat clients.

The Power of Social Media
One of the easiest ways to connect with customers is by interacting with them on social media. Regardless if you have a Twitter or Facebook account connected to your real estate agent website, you need a presence on one of these platforms at the least. By interacting with new customers, you give potential clients a chance to see you in action. When you are on top of your game and posting helpful tips and information about properties in the area, it makes it easy for your current followers to refer you when their inner circle is looking for an agent.

Creating a Mobile Connection
With so many people connected to their mobile devices each day, it only makes sense that you set up an account with a company that can push your messages to these mobile devices. The key here is not to spam customers, but to give them information on new listings before anyone else even knows they are available. When it is a sellers market, usually the first buyer with a full price offer gets the house. By blasting messages to your customers about new listings, you give them the opportunity to be the first in line when that new house appears. When they get the house of their dreams, you now have a client and source of referrals for life.

Having a Personal Website
A real estate website is nice for customers, but a personal real estate website for a specific realtor can really help connect you and a audience better. Many buyers complain that they are not happy walking into a real estate office and being handed the first agent that is available. Instead they want to be able to choose an agent they can relate to on a personal level. When you create your own website or blog, potential buyers can see you in action before they even meet you face to face.

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