How to Engage Clients on Your Website

One of the easiest ways to grow your audience is by keeping the existing clients that you have. Rather than simply blasting them with sales flyers each week, consider interacting with them on a personal level. This not only helps to increase buyer confidence, it will make it easier for these loyal customers to tell their family and friends about your business. Consider these simple tips on how to engage clients on your website before looking for ways to grow your following.  These tips below are from one of the leading Charleston SEO companies.Charleston SC SEO

Installing Social Media Feeds
Everyone today is connected to social media in one form or another. Whether they are checking the news fees on Facebook or the popular tweets on Twitter, people today want to get their news fast. Rather than leave your website homepage stale, install a social media plugin that will allow a news feed to run right from your website. This gives you the ability to interact instantly with loyal customers or new clients who found your website and have a question.

The Power of Live Help
Make it easier for clients to interact with you by installing a free live operator app on your website homepage. Now when a client arrives on your site and has a question, they simply click the live chat button and get to speak with a representative of your company day or night. The advantage your website will have over the competition is they usually shut down during normal business hours. pay an employ or hire a service to monitor the chat and converse with customers. One additional sale in the off hours could easily offset any costs to hire a part time operator.

Keeping Things Above the Fold
Ask anyone what the biggest challenge they have when it comes to interacting with the owners of a website, they will tell you trying to locate contact information. Many companies place telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical address, deep in contact pages where the visitor must search for the information. The easiest way to engage clients is by making your contact information as readily available as possible. This means placing your address and contact information at the top of the website homepage where it can be seen instantly when a client arrives. This will set the tone for the rest of their visit knowing that you are simply a click or call away.

Take the time to incorporate one or more of these simple techniques for engaging clients, and you turn them into long-term loyal customers who will in turn tell their inner circle about you business too. For more information visit: